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Bushman sells clothing for men and women who want to get a little closer to nature, or who simply enjoy the adventure of the everyday and want to feel relaxed and prepared for whatever life holds for them. Bushman is all about practicality and classic timelessness rather than the whims of passing fashion. Our collections offer comfortable clothing for a stroll in the countryside or a challenging business meeting, or just for relaxing with family and friends.

Our philosophy is to follow our passion for nature, travelling, exploring and taking on new challenges, but especially for looking and feeling great. This is what Bushman means.

On any journey you need to be able to trust not only your instincts and the people with you, but also your clothing and equipment. The best materials come from Mother Nature, so our products and garments are made almost exclusively from cotton, leather, wool, bamboo and linen. These traditional materials are processed using modern methods to achieve unsurpassed performance.

We also want to avoid leaving behind mountains of waste on our trips into nature, so once our clothing has served its purpose it can easily go back to the earth from which it came.

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